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Who does not love London? Almost no one right? The bowler hats may have almost disappeared from the streets, London still exudes classic British style and solidity. At the same time, the city is still honoring its sixties nickname ‘Swinging London’. Add to this the countless sights, the almost limitless shopping opportunities, the beautiful parks and the extensive food culture, and you know that London is a city for everyone. A visit of a few days is not enough to discover everything about London. Many people regularly go to London, because there is something new to experience every time.

When you visit the British capital for the first time, London can overwhelm you. It is therefore a good idea to start with a city ​​tour by bike . That way you will get to know London better and good guides will point you to nice places, restaurants and attractions that are less obvious. There are various providers of bike tours, an organization with Dutch speaking guides is CitySpotters .

After such a bike ride you can take a walk along the Thames and immediately see a great number of highlights of the city. Start at the famous Tower Bridge . From the walkways you have a fantastic view and you can also view the steam engines with which the bridge sections used to be served. The British Crown Jewels are kept in the nearby Tower of London . A little further you see a 61 meter high pillar, The Monument , commemorating the great fire in 1666 where a large part of London went up in flames. Further to the west is the impressive St. Paul’s Cathedral . If you continue along the Thames you will reach the parliament building with Big Ben. On the other side of the river is the London Eye Ferris wheel , where you are brought to a height of 135 meters in a closed cabin.

The British Museum is the icing on London’s giant museum cake. This museum alone is so large that you can not see everything in one day. So make a choice in advance from the enormous collection: images from Greece, Egyptian mummies, art treasures from Asia and exhibitions about the history of Great Britain.

A selection from the rest of the museum offer in London:

  • Tate Museum of modern art
  • National Gallery with a large collection, especially medieval, painting
  • Imperial War Museum about the colonial wars: military vehicles, weapons, scale models, photographs and more.
  • Charles Dickens Museum : paintings, manuscripts and furniture from the great British writer
  • Science Museum : a fun ‘do’ museum about the inventions of the past and present.

However, more cities claim to be a shopper’s paradise, but the real Walhalla for shoppers is London. Oxford Street , with its department stores, is not for nothing the busiest shopping street in Europe. Great fashion brands can be found in a side street of Oxford Street, Bond Street , and in the Chelsea district, especially in Sloan Street . Designers who ever hope to kick it are concentrated in the East London neighborhoods of Brick Lane , Shoreditch and Spitalfields. In the Covent Garden district there are many specialty shops, and there is also a large covered market with handicrafts, jewelery, clothing and antiques. The Portobello Marketat the Notting Hill tube station is also fun. It will only be held on Fridays and Saturdays and you will mainly find good quality antiques, retro clothing and alternative fashion. At the Brixton metro station there is a market where immigrants populate the stalls, so many exotic ones.

After shopping, visiting a museum, or strolling through the streets, it is wonderful to have a rest in one of the parks. The large Hyde Park is adjacent to the Kensington Gardens and together they form the green heart of the city. At the Speaker’s Corner , in the northeast of Hyde Park, you can hear on Sunday what the British think of something: from politics to football, and from world peace to the London refuse collection service. And everything in between …

In and around London

London has so much to offer that you do not have to leave the city. But for people who want to look a bit further after another visit to the British capital, we have some tips.

The Kew Gardens are not really outside the city, but in a western suburb (towards Heathrow Airport). In gigantic glasshouses, but also in the open air, no less than 40,000 plants and flowers from all over the world have been brought together. One of those greenhouses, the Palm House , contains only (large) palm trees.

Are the children a bit bored after all that strolling through London? Then go to Legoland at Windsor for a day . There are scale models of famous buildings from all over Europe, but also life-size animals made entirely from lego. It is not only lego what the clock strikes, there are also super slides, roller coasters and water attractions. The little ones can also get their ‘driving license’. And if you are in Windsor anyway, you can also visit the royal palace Windsor Castle .

A little further away, but best to do if you travel with a rental car is Stonehenge . The prehistoric monument is more than 130 kilometers west of London. The monument is surrounded by mysticism; nobody knows exactly what it was for.


Outside the center of London a rental car is very good to use, but not in the city center. The city administration discouraged car use by charging a Congestion Charge and high parking fees. If you want to park your car on the street, look carefully at the provisions indicated on signs. A rule of thumb: if it is not explicitly stated that you may park there, it is probably forbidden! Sometimes you can park your car at your hotel, but often an extra fee will be charged. Ask that when you book your hotel room.


The most important and busiest airport in London is Heathrow Airport , 24 kilometers west of the city center. The second airport is Gatwick . That airport is located 45 kilometers south of the city. Stansted Airport and Luton are both 50 kilometers north of the city and are widely used by budget airlines. The fifth and smallest airport is closest to the city center: City Airportat the Docklands in the east of the city.

Ten special travel destinations that you really need to go to


The African country where the second largest diamond in the world was recently found is itself a jewel. Botswana celebrates fifty years of independence and may call itself the best governed country on the continent. With a democracy, a growing economy, little corruption and a smart nature policy. Admission prices for parks are high, but the wildlife parks remain quiet, and foresters still receive their salaries. Go through canoe through the animal-rich Okavango Delta and ignore those mirages in the salt desert.

Strange, that India attracts fewer foreign tourists than, say, a country like the Netherlands. While the subcontinent has a lot to offer: from colorful Hindu festivals to taciturn yogis, from hyper cities to steamy jungles. The government of Prime Minister Modi opens up the borders and makes remote areas more accessible to foreigners. The costly and lengthy visa procedure has recently been simplified. Book quickly, because the number of visitors has risen sharply since then.


Rotterdam gets praise for hip high-rise buildings, but you do not have to catch the train to the Shark Beak. Go to Rotterdam for the frayed edges. At the Hofplein, in the Schieblock, there is department store GROOS, with Rotterdam fashion, design, art, music, literature, film, delicacies and lifestyle. BAR street food serves next door. When the weather is nice, go to Biergarten. Then cross the yellow Luchtsingel to the former Hofplein station for jazz club BIRD, espresso bar LOKAAL and Restaurant De Jong.

Take the bridge to Katendrecht at Hotel New York. Theater and Canteen Walhalla form the cultural magnet. Prefer a pinball machine? Then to the Dutch Pinball Museum. In the Fenix ​​Food Factory, a market hall, the Cape Brewers traditionally serve beers.


Nowhere in Italy is life as good as in Bolzano, concludes business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore in the standard of living index. The OECD also praises the town for its safety and high-quality employment. The mostly German-speaking residents combine southern flair and Teutonic solidity in a smart way. Tourists also appreciate the clean air, the refined food and the unobstructed view of the Dolomites while drinking a Campari.

You do not immediately think of Slovenia when it comes to summer holidays in the Alps. While Austria offers so many alpine pleasures: where else can you rent a lonely log cabin on the alp, wander through dense forests or paddle over wild mountain rivers. The Slovenians speak English better than Austrians, French and Italians, and charge a lot less for their famous bratwurst or good wine.

The third city of the US wants to get rid of its reputation as a freezer cabinet and gangster city. Because the opposite is true: after the frosty winter the friendly inhabitants celebrate their sultry summer. At tables on the street, on city beaches and on high roof terraces. Chicago is just warm and sympathetic. According to Trip Advisor, the Art Institute of Chicago is the best museum in the world. Have a picnic in Millenium Park, adventure food in the suburbs and swim laps in Lake Michigan.

Expensive and far, many Dutch think about a holiday in Japan. But the price of a dinner plate or jeans is comparable to Western Europe. Only the food is better and the shops are nicer. Domestic distances shrink thanks to new flash train connections. From the end of March you will flash to the northern island of Hokkaido. There you ski in the driest powder snow in winter and walk past mountain lakes and lavender fields in summer. Province capital Sapporo is a relaxed city – for Japanese standards.

Yellowstone NP

The most beautiful natural parks in the world are in the US: with bison sweeping through the snow in Yellowstone, to alligators in the steaming Everglades. The National Park Service celebrates its centenary this year and hopes for extra billions of dollars to eliminate all overdue maintenance. Book a camping spot on a misty lake five months in advance, hang your food in a tree (against the bears), and light your campfire. Chances are you will cherish this experience forever.


Climate change makes it easier to visit Greenland. Relatively, because the largest island in the world has hardly any roads. You rely on planes, helicopters and ships, which makes traveling expensive (and quite polluting). But the temperatures in the short arctic summer are good, and you can see magical things. The majestic icebergs of Ilulisat, colorful Inuit villages, the Viking ruins in the south. You can walk across the tundra, kayaking through the fjords, whale watching at sea.


Iran is no longer a pariah, and the overwhelming majority of the population is happy that people come from outside to see how they really are. ‘So they can see that we are not monsters,’ was a common statement on terraces during a recent visit. Whoever seeks culture and adventure, and wants to take in beautiful stories, has to go to the huge country in West Asia. It is a leap into the unknown, but you will wallow in a warm bath of hospitality and kindness. On glittering bazaars and in lively coffee houses, you connect conversations that make your image of Iran tipping over. The country offers an exuberant culture and history; from the mosques in Isfahan to the gardens of Shiraz and the ruins of Persepolis. The Islamic Republic is safe, affordable and bursting with experiences that will keep you alive.

The Holiday car

Why pay the whole year for a big car that you do not need all year round? Our advice: choose the Holiday Car! Many drivers opt for a larger car than they actually need. This is dictated by the use of the car during the holidays. During the holiday (a few weeks per year) the rider needs extra space, towing weight or extra seats. However, more than 90% of the time is often only in a (too) large car.

Save on the car costs & reduce the CO2 emissions of your fleet

Autolease Midden Nederland (ALMN) has developed a new service: De Vakantieauto. In addition to a considerable saving on vehicle costs and a structural reduction of the CO2 emissions of your fleet, this service offers a suitable solution for the employee.

Benefits for both parties

The driver chooses a small, economical and fiscally attractive lease car for daily use. For holidays ALMN makes a larger car available. As an employer you pay the rate including holiday car. You save on the total costs because the employees drive a cheaper car for regular use.

Benefits for you as an employer:

  • Lower mobility costs
  • Attractive secondary employment conditions
  • Positive effect on environmental responsibility

Benefits for you as an employee / driver:

  • Structurally lower additional tax due to the choice for a smaller and / or economical car
  • Suitable car during the summer holidays or winter sports
  • Much cheaper than renting a car during the holiday season
  • You contribute to a cleaner environment

How does the Holiday Car work?

The Holiday car offers the rider the opportunity to use a large (er) car from the class VW Passat, VW Touran or VW Transporter during the holidays. These cars are equipped with air conditioning, navigation and towbar. If you opt for the Winter Holiday car, the cars are equipped with air conditioning, navigation, winter tires and the use of snow chains.

The regular lease car will be returned to ALMN during the holiday. During your holiday, your car is secured and any necessary maintenance is carried out. When you return from vacation, your car is ready for you.

The Holiday car offers the following possibilities.

1. The Summer Holiday Car:

  • A holiday car for a maximum of 21 consecutive days per year
  • In the period May 1 to October 1.

2. The Winter Holiday Car:

  • A holiday car maximum 8 days per year
  • In the period 1 October to 1 May.

Not every year with the car on holiday?

If a driver does not go on holiday for a year with a car, the available days simply remain. For example, the drivers can use the car one year on a flying holiday and the other year twice by car. Only when the lease contract has ended do the days not used expire. There will be no refund of unused days.

What does it cost?

In the lease rate of the regular lease car, depending on the chosen Holiday Car Package, a price per month is included. The rates are as follows:

1. Summer holiday car: The costs are € 85, – per month. This includes 3,500 kilometers. 
2. Winter holiday car: The costs are € 45, – per month. This includes 2,500 kilometers.

Even if you are already driving a car from ALMN, we offer you the option to fulfill your holiday wishes.

Compare cheapest travel insurance

Saving on your travel insurance is very simple! On you can compare 75 travel insurance policies and take out the cheapest travel insurance online. Our travel insurance comparison offers a clear overview of all travel insurances with current premiums and conditions. So you immediately find a good insurance for your trip that is also very cheap. Discover for yourself how easily you save on your travel insurance. Comparing and closing cheap travel insurance starts at!

Take out online travel insurance

After you have made a travel insurance comparison and have chosen the cheapest travel insurance for you, you can easily take out travel insurance online through On you can compare and conclude both the short-term travel insurance and the continuous travel insurance. Comparing and closing an inexpensive travel insurance insurance online has thus been done!
Comparing ongoing travel insurance

Continuous travel insurance offers an unlimited number of travel coverage throughout the year. A continuous travel insurance is useful when you go on holiday several times a year or when you have been away for more than 21 days. With a continuous travel insurance you are insured all year round. 

The coverage of a continuous travel insurance only applies when you are actually traveling. Moreover, the exact coverage of a continuous travel insurance differs per insurer. Comparing your continuous travel insurance is therefore recommended. Only then will you find the cheapest continuous travel insurance that meets your needs. 

Compare cheap comprehensive travel insurance? Start directly online with continuous travel insurance compare on!

Comparing short-term travel insurance

You take out short-term travel insurance for the number of days you go on holiday. If you do not go on holiday more than twice a year or longer than 21 days a year, short-term travel insurance is recommended. 

The coverage and premium of a short-term travel insurance differs per insurer. Comparing your short-term travel insurance is therefore very sensible. In this way you will immediately find the cheapest short-term travel insurance that meets your needs. 

Compare cheap short-term travel insurance? Start directly online with travel insurance comparisons in the module of!

Compare cancellation insurance

Would you also like to take out a cheap cancellation insurance with your travel insurance? On you can compare a travel-inclusive cancellation insurance. A cancellation insurance covers the costs of cancellation if you have to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen circumstance or if you have to cancel your trip prematurely. 

Comparing cheap travel insurance with cancellation insurance? Please indicate during the travel insurance that you also want to take out cancellation insurance and find that cheap cancellation insurance!

Travel insurance with lowest price guarantee

If you take out travel insurance through, we offer you the guarantee that you never pay too much. Do you find the same travel insurance from the same insurer within one week (seven days) on the same terms and on the basis of the same information cheaper elsewhere? Then you can claim the lowest price guarantee. We will then refund you the difference plus 15 percent of this difference. For more information, contact our customer service .

Renting a car with your credit card: how does it work?

When you rent a car you are often asked to pay with a credit card. Certainly if you want to book the rental car online in advance, for example when you go on holiday abroad, a credit card is often a requirement. This applies in any case to the large, international rental companies such as AVIS, Budget, Hertz and Europcar.

But how does renting a car with a credit card work exactly?

We explain this on the basis of the following step-by-step plan:

Book the rental car with your credit card

If you rent a car abroad , it is recommended to reserve this in advance via the internet, for example via a comparison site. That is not necessarily cheaper than renting locally, but in this way you have plenty of time to find a suitable and affordable rental car and to make a comparison with various rental companies. Moreover, you know in advance what you are going to pay for the car and you have plenty of time to read the conditions in your own language.

Via the website of the car rental company or intermediary you reserve the car with your credit card number and security code. Sometimes you initially pay a small part of the rent to fix the car.

2. Pick up the car from the landlord; deposit is reserved

As soon as you pick up the car at the rental company you will be asked for the credit card with which you have booked. At that time, the landlord will make a pre-authorization (reservation) on the card. In English this is often called a ‘deposit’. The use of your PIN code is usually not necessary here.

This reservation consists of the rent and a deposit. The deposit gives the landlord a guarantee that certain costs are covered, such as:

  • Damage to the rental car that falls under the tenant’s own risk
  • Traffic fines
  • Fuel costs if the car is not returned with a full tank
  • Returning the car late

The reservation only checks whether there is sufficient spending space. No amount of money will be debited. Only at a later stage, after handing in the rental car, part of the reservation will be converted into a payment.

The amount of the deposit usually depends on several factors, but usually amounts to a fixed amount of several hundred euros or a multiple of the rent (2 or 3 times the rental amount).

pay attention

Are you using a prepaid card ? Then the rental company can not reserve a deposit on the card. A rental request that is made with a prepaid card is therefore often refused.

Soon there will probably be non-declining prepaid cards in the Netherlands that solve this problem.

3. Check the car for damage

Before you drive off, check the car for scratches, dents and other damage. Is there clear damage? Then this must be on the claim form that you received when collecting the car. Is the damage not on the form? Then it is important to report this immediately to the rental company before you leave. Do not you do this? Then there is a chance that the rental company will have a part of the deposit on your credit card.

In addition, it is advisable to view the profile of the tires on departure, as well as the fuel content and presence of a spare wheel and tools, such as a jack. Finally, start the car and check whether the lights, air conditioning, windows and wipers work. Is everything all right? Then you can leave.

4. Deliver the rental car; a settlement takes place

After you have returned the car to the rental company, a settlement will take place. The reservation on your credit card is partially converted into a charge.

This is as follows:

Suppose you rent a car with a rental price of 250 euros. When collecting the car, the rental company will pre-authorize this amount plus the deposit on the credit card. The deposit in your case is 650 euros. In short, a total of 900 euros will be blocked on your credit card. This amount is deducted from your spending limit.

The best travel time for Costa Rica

If you are planning a trip, you naturally want to know what a good time to go. The best travel time for Costa Rica can be found on numerous sites. Often there is talk about a rainy season. But what exactly does this mean? Can you still go to Costa Rica? We have often been in the country and have experienced all seasons once. Our experience is that you can go there all year round. The country has a tropical climate: it is warm and humid. We distinguish between the rainy season (April to December) and the dry season (December to April). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We have listed them for you, so that you can determine the best travel time for your trip.

In the rainy season to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a natural destination and nature needs water. The advantage of traveling in the rainy season is that you can see green turtles laying eggs (from July to November) and that everything is in bloom. You get to deal with tropical showers and muddy roads, but you also get an optimal nature experience in return. Our experience is that it usually does not rain all day, but there are heavy showers in the morning and / or afternoon. In the rainy season the remote national parks such as the Corcovado Park are less accessible. According to statistics, the most precipitation falls in September and October. Yet we have noticed in recent years that the climate is changing in Costa Rica and you can have dry weather in these months.

In the dry season to Costa Rica

The advantage of a tour in the dry season is that you have a lot of sun hours and the temperatures are higher, around 25 degrees Celsius. Fine if you want to relax on a tropical beach. For activities such as snorkeling and diving, it is also advantageous to go between December and April. When it rains a lot, the water is cloudy and you can see less underwater. You can visit all national parks during the dry season, but Rincon de la Vieja – in the north of the country – is often drier during this period and therefore less spectacular.

The Caribbean coast is an exception

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, unlike the rest of the country, has no distinction in a dry or rainy season. Here it is rainy and tropical warm all year round. Rain showers and sun alternate.

Best time to travel Ireland: what is the best time to go to Ireland?

Let’s face it: who thinks of a holiday in Ireland, thinks of green landscapes, sheep and especially a lot of rain. The weather in Ireland is not known for an abundance of sunshine and tropical temperatures. Admittedly, there is always a chance of rain in Ireland, but anyone who reads in the best time to go to Ireland can avoid a lot of frustration (and rain)! Read all about Ireland’s best travel time on this page.

Best time to go to Ireland

The best travel time Ireland depends of course on what you are looking for. The warmest temperatures generally fall in the months of July and August. So this is the best time for those who want to tan. The driest months, by contrast, are April, May and June – not unimportant for those on a walking holiday. In April and May, a large variety of flowers can also be admired in Irish nature.

During September and October the weather in Ireland is still fairly warm and dry. These months are especially attractive because of the decline in tourists and the many artistic and culinary festivals that still take place in larger cities. However, it can be more difficult to find accommodation during this time. The best time to go to Ireland is therefore perhaps better to determine when looking at individual regions.

The weather in Ireland, by region

Are you going to Dublin for a weekend, camping in Connemara or an adventure along the Kerry Way ? The difference in weather conditions between these areas can be surprisingly large. In the west of Ireland it is generally rainy compared to the weather in Dublin. The southwestern county of Kerry, however, has a particularly mild and warm climate in comparison with other areas of the island, thanks to the warm North Atlantic ocean current. So what does the weather in Ireland look like by region?

Western Ireland

In the mountainous west of Ireland there is no doubt more rainfall than in the flat interior or on the west coast. There is also a strong wind in this part of the island. Yet millions of people visit the breathtaking landscapes along the Wild Atlantic Way every year.

In Connemara, Dingle and the Burren the average temperature is higher than the inland, the north and the east coast of Ireland. There is a lot of rain in Western Ireland, especially in the mountainous areas.

Northern Ireland

This is without doubt the coldest region of the island. Yet the county of Antrim is one of the driest and sunniest places in Ireland – perfect conditions for a multi-day walking tour!

Eastern Ireland

The east coast of Ireland is remarkably sunny and dry compared to the rest of the island. On the coast it is pretty warm in the summer months, but in the interior the temperature decreases somewhat.

The weather in Dublin is very dry for Irish standards. Around the mountains and lakes of Wicklow is slightly more rain, but a lot less than similar areas in Western Ireland.

Visit the mountains and lakes of Wicklow to experience the beautiful nature of Ireland with less chance of rain!

Southern Ireland

In the south of the emerald-green island it is the best time to go to Ireland almost all year round. Thanks to the North Atlantic Ocean Stream, this part of Ireland is particularly mild, both in the summer months and beyond. The summers are warm and often in September it is still possible to walk around without a coat.

There is also nothing wrong with the sun hours in this paradise-like Irish region. Along the Kerry Way, the Sheep’s Head Way and the Beara Way even tropical plants grow in the wild!

Travel and health insurance for a long stay abroad

Due to the increasing number of people in Europe and further globalization, more and more Dutch people are (temporarily) living abroad to work, travel or study.

At the same time, a (compulsory) local health insurance is being introduced in more and more countries. For Dutch people living in these countries, the rules are often complicated. For example, it is not always clear when someone with a foreign nationality falls under the local rules. In many local systems there is also no cover for temporary stay abroad. As a specialized insurer OOM Verzekeringen has excellent insurance for long-term stay abroad.

Do you go abroad for a long time or permanently, for example to live, work or enjoy your retirement? Then of course you want to be as well insured as in the Netherlands. This is possible with the Living abroad insurance.

Living abroad insurance

The Living abroad insurance consists of a package of 8 insurance policies (health insurance, SOS (repatriation) and six non-life insurances (including liability and travel).

It does not matter how many insurance policies you want to take out. There are no mandatory combinations. You can choose from:

  • Health insurance for abroad (including SOS coverage).
  • Additional dental cover for abroad.
  • Repatriation insurance (SOS) abroad.
  • Travel insurance for Dutch people abroad.
  • Cancellation insurance for Dutch people abroad.
  • Liability insurance for abroad.
  • Household contents insurance for abroad.
  • Legal expenses insurance for abroad.
  • Personal accident insurance for abroad.

All of them insurance with a favorable premium and specially tailored to Dutch people living abroad. The package offers you the following concrete benefits:

  • flexible insurance package, which you can put together according to your needs (including medical expenses, travel and liability);
  • special DeLuxe health insurance coverage possible with ample reimbursement for preventive treatments;
  • world coverage (with or without United States);
  • also cover for temporary interim stay in the Netherlands;
  • no end date, you can cancel the insurance if you want;
  • regardless of reason of stay;
  • regardless of age (age-dependent rate);
  • you can calculate the premium yourself and take out the insurance yourself;
  • favorable premium and good conditions.

The insurance in short

These are the most important characteristics of the Living abroad insurance.

  • Insurance if you go abroad for an indefinite period of time.
  • Determine yourself how extensive your health insurance is.
  • Optional coverage for travel, household effects and legal assistance, among other things.
  • You are insured worldwide, even if you are in the Netherlands in the interim.
  • Attractive discount if you have to keep the Dutch basic insurance.

The best rental companies for motorhomes in the UK

Plan with Motorhome Rupublic your perfect holiday in the UK. The question is where you first travel if you have rented your motorhome. The great thing about the United Kingdom is that it does not matter whether you travel north, south, east or west, there is nowhere else in the world such a variety of landscapes, sights and activities and the hospitality of the British people. England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland – you have a wide choice. So compare the best deals to rent a camper and book your trip, it can not be easier.

Rent a camper to enjoy the English cities

No matter what region you choose for your RV travel in the UK, you will undoubtedly enjoy a memorable vacation. Of course, the focus is on London , with more than eight million inhabitants. In the center there are not many places to stay with a camper, so you will have to search in the suburbs. But do not just look at the capital, there are plenty of other reasons to go out with a rented camper. 

The natural beauty of the beach on the south coast, the character of the Norfolk Broads in East Anglia, the cultural attractions of Liverpool and Manchester, Scotland’s amazing beauty and the charms of Northern Ireland – it is too much to mention.

Pick up your rented camper at the airport

The advantage of booking a motorhome at Motorhome Republic is the fact that we have so many locations where the campers can be picked up. Whether in Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, etc … click on the filter and choose the ideal collection point. Our friendly customer service can help you with any question you may have. Although you may not know much about the topography of the United Kingdom, we will make sure that you know where you are going. 
That is important, especially if you go on holiday with the whole family.

The wonders of nature in the United Kingdom

Because the United Kingdom is one of the most visited travel destinations in Europe, there is a large choice of companies, where campers can be rented. Motorhome therefore has the cheapest deals the fastest online. Once you have decided to travel in the UK with your ‘traveling hotel’, the next step is to decide where you want to go. Here are a few suggestions:

Campervakanties on the south coast of the United Kingdom:

This region is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, especially since here is the breathtaking Land’s End of Cornwall. The coastal area, called the Jurrassic Coast of Dorset, offers a beautiful view of the crystal blue sea and beautiful sandy beaches, while Brighton is an incredibly beautiful, relatively large city, with a large number of clubs, bars and restaurants. It is very similar to the south coast of London, but it is not that busy. Or just cross the water to the Needles of the Isle of Wight as a kind of symbolic transition to the south!

With your camper to the east:

What do you think of the Norfolk Broads? It is a very popular holiday destination because of the beautiful rivers and the countryside offers a wide range of wildlife and fun, relaxing cruises. Further to the southeast is the picturesque cathedral of the city of Canterbury and this is one of the busiest cities in the United Kingdom. An interesting, historical location, that is of course the highlight of the UK.

With your camper westward

The mountains in Wales are also becoming increasingly popular. This area is very suitable for a tour with a camper, you can go to the beautiful Brecon Beacons in the south, or to the mountain Snowdownia in the north, even though you probably have to park the camper there and book a tour. You can also discover fantastic, youthful cities such as Cardiff and Swansea. You should really see the ‘Mumbles’ of Swansea during your motorhome holiday.

The Noorderlicht

The many sporting events and international exhibitions held in Liverpool, Manchester in England and in Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland are leading cities in Europe. In addition to the cultural and musical highlights that can be found here, these destinations are also popular because of the restaurants and the vibrant nightlife – and the down-to-earth people are great too!

Built for a camper adventure

Through our real international customer service team, Motorhome Republic can help you put together the perfect journey through the UK, no matter where you prefer to go. Book your fantastic deal today.

Roundtrip Argentina North and South

Versatile Argentina

Pure Latin America has put together a unique individual tour of the north and south of Argentina for you.

Your journey starts in the metropolis of Buenos Aires, where you will meet this impressive metropolis on the basis of a cycling tour. You also visit a milonga, a place where the Porteños come together to dance the tango.

From Buenos Aires you travel to the Península Valdés peninsula, one of the most important highlights of this area. Península Valdés is located on the coast and is considered one of the most beautiful nature reserves in South America. Here you go out to admire an amazing and easily observable variety of marine fauna. You visit Península Valdés as well as go to Punta Tombo to see one of the largest colony of Magellanic penguins in South America.

Your next highlight is Parque Nacional Los Glaciares located in the south of Patagonia, a park with pointed peaks, crystal clear mountain lakes, fast flowing rivers and a rest as you probably have rarely experienced. The main reason why you visit this national park is because of the Perito Moreno, Argentina’s most impressive glacier.

A self-drive through the Lakes region of Argentina should not be missed during your visit to Patagonia. You will go out with a car for a few days to explore a great number of highlights north of Bariloche.

From Bariloche you travel to Salta. You first take part in a city tour before going out with a car to explore a large number of natural and cultural highlights to the south and north of Salta. You will be amazed by the great diversity of landscapes that you find in this region, from beautifully colored mountains to vast salt plains, from green oases to small picturesque villages.

The trip will end at the immense waterfalls of Iguazú where both the Argentinian and the Brazilian side of the waterfalls will be visited.